In Close Quarters
April 1, 2020
A Dangerous Engagement
April 1, 2020

She hadn’t seen him in eleven years, but US Air Force Capt. Samantha Hall would never forget the man she’d loved—and lost. When her plane crashed in enemy territory and he came to her rescue, Sam was painfully reminded of the future they’d once dreamed of sharing.
US Air Force Col. Griff Towers couldn’t believe Samantha was back in his arms, even if it was only part of his mission. She felt so right. Griff knew he had to get to the bottom of what—or who—had brought down that plane. And this time, Griff vowed Sam wouldn’t get away from him–but first, he had to figure out how to explain and earn her forgiveness for the secret he’d yet to reveal. A Romance book cover.


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