Horror Book Cover
The King’s Disease
October 24, 2022
historical fantasy book cover
The Wolf and the Codex
November 2, 2022

Ridiculed by colleagues, Dr. Phineas Crook’s friends warn that his career and health are in danger. But Crook won’t rest until he finds the mysterious Garden and mines its secrets. When the beautiful Ruth LaPhage enters his life with unlimited financial resources and the backing of LaPhage Industries – a world leader in artificial intelligence research and application – Crook is immediately on guard. Sucked into a world beyond his control, the deception and lies begin to mount as long-held secrets are dug up and exposed to the light of day. No longer an academic exercise, the search becomes all too real, and Phineas Crook can do nothing to stop it. The quest is on to find the Garden of Eden with life and death. . . and eternity, at stake. A suspense thriller book cover.