General questions, pricing and payment

1How does the service work?
Firstly, choose the kind of cover you need: a custom, a pre-made or an illustrated book cover. Then you’ll need to complete the briefing form. After that, you’ll be directed to Paypal to pay a deposit (or full price, for premade covers). My design process is well explained in the home page.
2What are the differences between “custom”, “pre-made” and “illustrated” covers?
A custom cover is a design tailored to your needs: I'll manipulate and combine several photos to create your cover and I'll do my best to design something very specific, suiting the mood of your book. A pre-made cover is a ready-made design, a sort of "generic" cover; my collections features a large number of covers in almost every literary genre, with dummy titles that I'll change according to your needs. An illustrated cover is a very special design, I'll literally draw your cover the old-fashioned way using digital tools. I recommend this option if you want we depict a very specific character or situation, since this technique allows me do design almost anything.
3How do you design your covers?
Custom and pre-made covers are designed mainly with photo manipulation, I extract elements from different photos then I manipulate and blend them into a totally new picture. Illustrated covers are made the old-fashioned way, but using digital tools. Needless to say the latter option takes more time and effort, so the price is slightly higher.
4Do you offer discounts to recurring clients?
My fees are very reasonable, therefore I do not apply discounts to returning clients.
5Do you grant discounts for series design?
Sorry, I no more offer discounts for series.
6What is the "Series" banner featured on some premade covers?
Some covers feature a banner saying "This cover can be turned into a series", this means that the main character of the cover is available in several poses, so that model can be used to create more covers that will be consistent with the first one.
7Where are you based and what are your working hours?
I'm based in Italy and my working hours are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. I'm not workng on weekends and public italian holydays.

Design process

1How does the design process work?
My design process is clearly explained in the homepage. If you need more information just send me an e-mail.
2What if I want to cancel the project?
If you change your mind, please contact me as soon as possible and I’ll refund you deposit. Cancelation fees apply: $10 for premade covers, $50 for custom covers and $100 for illustrated covers. You can cancel your order only before the final files are delivered.
3What if I already have a picture for the cover?
I can create a cover based on you picture, but it must be a print-quality, high-resolution image and you need to make sure you have the right to use it.
4How many revisions can I ask for?
After I send you a final version of the cover we discussed in our consultation you can ask up to 3 rounds of revisions to fine-tune your cover and make it perfect.
5What if I need some adjustments after the project is complete?
Small changes and minor adjustments are free within 3 months from the delivery of the final files. If multiple changes are required, charges might apply. Contact me for details.
6What is the format of the final files?
eBook covers are delivered as JPG files, 1600x2560 pixels, which is the standard Kindle size. If you need different sizes please let me know. Printed book covers are delivered as PDF files, ready to be uploaded to KDP, Ingram Spark or other printers. Add-ons are usually jpg or png files with transparent background.
7What if I need the eBook cover now and the printed book cover (or dust jacket) at a later time?
No problem: you can purchase the eBook now and then get back when you are ready for the printed book.

Print book design process

1What does the printed book add-on include?
It includes the front cover, the spine and the back cover.
2What if I don’t have the trim size or the page count but I still want to order the printed cover?
No worries, I’ll design the cover for a standard 6"x9" book, with an approximate page count, and I’ll send you a high-resolution jpg you can use for your book's promotion. Once you have the exact trim size and page count, I’ll adjust the size of your cover and I’ll send you the actual printer-ready file. You’ll be charged for the standard printed book add-on, size adaptation (if necessary) comes at no extra cost.

Add-ons and extras

1May I purchase add-ons only?
Yes. But you can't do it on the web site, please contact me for further information.
2May I get a PSD (Photoshop) file of my cover?
Yes, you can get the cover file in PSD format but please note that all layers will be flattened, and you won't be able to change it. It will only be possible to edit text layers. Since full-layered PSDs contain licensed material (stock photos from third parties that could be extracted from them) I can't distribute those files because of licensing and copyright issues. Furthermore, even though you purchase that file, please note I still retain the copyright on it so you're not allowed to modify it or use for purposes other than a book cover.
3May I get a cover with no text on it?
The only way is by purchasing the PSD add-on where illustration and texts are on different layers. No exceptions, sorry.
4I need a logo for my series, is it included in the cover design?
No, unless it's very basic and easy to design. Please contact me for a quote under no obligation.
5Can you design characters, maps and so on?
Yes, I can draw almost anything. If you need a map of your fantasy world, characters or inner illustrations for your book please contact me and I’ll send you a quote under no obligation.

Copyright, license and credits

1After I buy the cover, do I own all the rights on it?
According to the international copyright laws, please understand that you are purchasing only the right to use the artwork as a book cover, not the copyright on the design itself, which remains mine. You can't use the artwork for purposes other than a book cover, unless a fee is negotiated. If stock images have been used, after the payment the cover is yours to use under the stock photo provider's standard license (for example see https://depositphotos.com/license.html), which allows you to sell up to 500,000 (half a million) printed copies, eBooks are unlimited. If you exceed this amount you must purchase an extended license for each image used in your cover. You can upgrade to the extended license when you sell that many copies. Upon request, I’ll provide a list of the photos I used and their IDs. Print limit do not apply to illustrated covers but please note I retain the copyright on those covers as well. As a rule, I am no more releasing the copyright on my covers but, if you still want to purchase full rights on the cover, please contact me to negotiate a price. Remember in this case you should also purchase the licences for all the stock images I used for the cover.
2Should I credit you for your service?
I usually place a discreet footer with the copyright information on the back cover. If you do not want this to be added, the following sentence must be added to the copyright page: "Cover: © (CURRENT YEAR) Ivan Zanchetta & bookcoversart.com".


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